Diagnostics & Data Recovery

PC Diagnostics Checks and Data Recovery in Talbot Green, South Wales

Computer hardware and diagnostic checks will improve the overall performance, and lengthen the lifespan of your PC.  The experts here at The Computer Shop have the knowledge and expertise to run effective tests on your computer hardware which will reveal if there are any issues which need to be addressed in order to improve the performance and functionality of your computer. So, if you are looking for PC Diagnostics Checks and Data Recovery in South Wales then look no further than The Computer Shop in Talbot Green.



Free Computer Hardware Diagnostic Checks in Mid Glamorgan

The professional technicians here at The Computer Shop in Mid Glamorgan offer comprehensive, free computer hardware and diagnostics checks before we carry out any maintenance services on your PC. These checks will evaluate the performance of your computer and ensure that there are no primary faults within the computer, so we can investigate the more obvious software faults effectively.

Computer Virus Removal Services in Talbot Green

Say goodbye to unwanted malware. We offer thorough virus scans that rid your PC of malicious software within an amazing two hours. However, if your computer is an older model it may take a few hours longer. Call us today to arrange your repair, furthermore, if we cannot fix the problem there will be no charge! The experts here at The Computer Shop can perform services that include:Software repairs
Virus removals
Software installations
Problem solving software failures
Hardware repairs


Computer Data Recovery Services in Mid Glamorgan

Has your computer failed and refuses to switch on? Are you are worried you have lost all your precious data? Never Fear! The professionals here at The Computer Shop are highly experienced at recovering data from faulty computers and laptops. With a success rate of over 85%, we will do all we can to recover your data, including precious photos and videos. Furthermore, if we can recover the data, we won’t charge you!

Reflowing Services

Rely on our specialist staff for the effective repair of your precious software. When your computer or Xbox motherboard overheats, a chip within will burn out. We remove this chip and replace it with new solder pins. Reflow will be restored because the chip heats up and resolders itself into place.

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