Computer Software Set-Ups and Installation Services

Have you bought a new personal computer or laptop but do not feel confident enough to set it up properly and install all the software you require? Perhaps you own a business and need reliable IT experts to perform set-up on several new PCs? If so, come and visit us here at The Computer Shop. We specialise in providing computer software set-ups and installation Services in Mid Glamorgan.Why risk the potential of slowing your brand-new computer down with inadequate software installations? Our friendly and professional team here at The Computer Shop are highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of computer set up to set up. We will set up your new computer and install all necessary software quickly and efficiently. Your computer will run as efficiently as it was designed to. Furthermore, we can uninstall irrelevant and useless pre-installed software which will free up precious memory.

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Fast PC Set-Up Services for Domestic and Commercial Customers

Here at The Computer Shop, we believe it is important to get your PC up and running effectively from the start. That’s why we offer fast and efficient PC set up services to both domestic and commercial customers. Whether you have one computer or one hundred, we can help. We will set up your appliances properly, so that they run smoothly and efficiently. In addition, our comprehensive computer set-up service is guaranteed, offering you greater peace of mind. Furthermore, we will come out to you at your home or office, and install all the relevant software and hardware to ensure it is working perfectly.Leave your computer system set-up to the experts. Phone us here at The Computer Shop in Talbot Green, Mid Glamorgan on 01443 231415, to arrange an appointment. Our professional computer software installations will take the stress out of setting up your appliance.


The Computer Shop to set up computer software and perform installations that give you the peace of mind you deserve.